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Neighborhood Spotlight – The Downtown Reno-Midtown-Old Southwest Area

Reno’s oldest and most charming neighborhood is known by many names - Old Southwest to the long-time residents and Midtown to new Nevada visitors, all while nestled in bustling Downtown! This historic community is blanketed under the shade of towering mature trees lining the streets. With an eclectic array of homes in the area, passersby will marvel at the enchanting brick cottages burrowed next to the...

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Neighborhood Spotlight – Donner Springs

Nestled in the flatland underneath Rattlesnake Mountain, the stunning Donner Springs neighborhood is one of the most sought-after areas in Southeast Nevada. Known for its balanced terrain, gorgeous scenery, and tranquil environment, this charming district offers its residents the perfect blend of excitement and peace. Situated deep within the magnificent ambiance of Nevada scenery, Donner Springs...

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Neighborhood Spotlight – Northwest Reno

One of the most diverse areas in Northern Nevada, the Northwest Reno community is comprised of ten unique neighborhoods nestled within the spectacular Nevada scenery. With incredible city views, easy access to mountain trails and stunning parks, and the comfort of a private, family community, these Northwest Reno neighborhoods are unlike anything else in the valley. A suburban community just north of...

Reno Neighborhood Spotlight South Meadows - Reno Nevada - Northern Nevada - HomeGate Realty - Alan Hoffman - Real Estate

Reno Neighborhood Spotlight – South Meadows

A stunning community nestled deep within Reno, the South Meadows neighborhood is constantly growing. While the development is still relatively new in the greater Reno Metropolitan area, South Meadows has quickly made a name for itself as the perfect place to place roots and enjoy the magnificent landscape of Northern Nevada. Only eight miles south of Downtown Reno, South Meadows offers a unique blend of...

Neighborhood Spotlight - Virginia City Highlands - Reno Nevada - Reno Sparks Real Estate - HomeGate Realty - Alan Hoffman

Neighborhood Spotlight – Virginia City Highlands

Enjoy a peaceful country lifestyle only a few miles away from the energetic Biggest Little City and historic Virginia City by becoming a Virginia City Highlands homeowner this year! Nestled in the stunning Nevada countryside, Virginia City Highlands offers a unique blend of luxury and rural living. Only a short drive southeast of Reno, this private community adopts a quiet tranquility amongst magnificent...

North Valleys Neighborhood Reno NV HomeGate Realty Real Estate Northern Nevada

Neighborhood Spotlight – North Valleys

Nestled along the eastern foothills of Peavine Mountain, just north of Reno, lies a beautiful community of neighborhoods. The North Valleys are comprised of several smaller areas, including Cold Springs, Golden Valley, Panther Valley, Lemmon Valley, Red Rock, and Stead. This eclectic mix of communities dots the Nevada horizon, extending along 395 North before the Reno border to Susanville,...

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Reno Neighborhoods: Caughlin Ranch

Caughlin Ranch is a master-planned community in Reno lined with miles of hiking trails, peaceful views of the valley, and multiple ponds and open spaces. There are over a dozen neighborhoods within Caughlin Ranch, some of which are privately gated. The Caughlin Club offers a renowned tennis program, fitness facilities, a spa, a year-round outdoor pool, plus daycare. Caughlin Ranch is conveniently located...

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Reno Neighborhoods: Downtown Reno

Downtown Reno and the surrounding neighborhoods offer living opportunities for every type of preference. Whether you want to be in a sky-rise condominium complex or a mature neighborhood designed by internationally acclaimed architects, Downtown Reno is amazing. The neighborhoods include Old Southwest, Wells Avenue District, and the Conservation District between Riverside Drive and 1st Street. The...

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Reno Neighborhoods: Hidden Valley

You'll enjoy living in this quiet, peaceful, established neighborhood where every house has its own personal touches. The Hidden Valley neighborhood in Reno, NV, is all about family and friends. Enjoy the local dog park, annual Hidden Valley Neighborhood garage sale, annual Christmas light competition, or the Hidden Valley Country Club with their kids' club, fitness facility, pool, and one of the best...

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