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The Benefits of Buying a Vacation Home in Northern Nevada

With summer upon us, we naturally think about vacations and spending time with friends and loved ones, and while there are countless ways to enjoy time off, one of the ultimate vacation upgrades is to purchase a vacation home. What’s even better? With Northern Nevada’s year-round recreational opportunities and spectacular sights and events, investing in a vacation or second home could be one of the...

Exploring The Best Hiking Trails Within 30 Minutes Of Reno NV - HomeGate Realty - Northern Nevada Real Estate - Reno Real Estate - Alan Hoffman - Magda Martinez - HomeGate

Exploring the Best Hiking Trails within 30 Minutes of Reno, NV

While tourists may know Reno for our vibrant nightlife and casino culture, gambling certainly doesn’t define Northern Nevada. In fact, we’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful land in all of North America, and just beyond our city’s hustle and bustle lies a natural wonderland that is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. If you're a hiking aficionado or simply looking to escape into nature,...

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