Reno Neighborhoods: The Downtown Reno-Midtown-Old Southwest Area

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Reno’s oldest and most charming neighborhood is known by many names – Old Southwest to the long-time residents and Midtown to new Nevada visitors, all while nestled in bustling Downtown! This historic community is blanketed under the shade of towering mature trees lining the streets. With an eclectic array of homes in the area, passersby will marvel at the enchanting brick cottages burrowed next to the luxurious mansion estates bordering the winding Truckee River. Just a short walk away from the peak of the entertainment district in downtown Reno, adventure is always waiting at your doorstep in Old Southwest-Midtown. 

Old Southwest-Midtown Homes

The allure of this historic Reno neighborhood reaches across the state, with countless visitors coming to discover their dream homes. With a prominent Mid-Century look of classic 1930s architecture, buyers see the growing value of these properties and jump at the opportunity to become a homeowner in the area. 

Along the Truckee River, the area best known as Old Southwest Reno is lined with stunning cottages with pristine yards and sprawling ranch homes on manicured lawns. Onto California Avenue, the more refined side of the Old Southwest-Midtown, boasts some of the finest historic mansions in Reno. With such an exclusive variety of properties in the area, home prices can range anywhere from $500,000 to over $10 million for luxury estates. 

Living In Old Southwest-Midtown

A highly desirable location, historic Old Southwest-Midtown is situated ideally between the excitement of downtown, the quaint and artistic Midtown area, and the stellar suburbs of Reno. Nearby are some of the best schools in the area, the infamous Idlewild Park, the magnificent Truckee River Walk, and so much more. This remarkable neighborhood has everything to offer!

Become A Homeowner In Old Southwest-Midtown

Relish the tranquility of such a historic neighborhood while living just steps away from the best of Reno by becoming a homeowner in the Old Southwest-Midtown area. Find your dream home in the dreamiest neighborhood in Reno by contacting HomeGateRealty today!

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