The Top Colors Of 2024 To Spruce Up Your Home’s Interior Design

The Top Colors Of 2024 To Spruce Up Your Home Interior Design - HomeGate Realty - Northern Nevada Real Estate - Reno Real Estate - Alan Hoffman

Can you believe it’s almost the holiday season? With November just around the corner and a new year on the horizon, it’s time to take a look at some important forecasts and trends in the world of home decorating and interior design. Paint colors are one of the most essential aspects of home design, holding the ability to completely transform a room with a simple paint job. You can make a statement with bold accent walls or embrace a life of subtlety with soft hues that soak in the sunlight. As we near a new year full of excitement, prosperity, and maybe a home makeover, let’s dive into the top colors of 2024!

Naturally Inspired Pinks

In 2024, home design is all about softness. Home designers are looking to incorporate refreshing colors from nature with a subtle touch of personality. One such color, persimmon pink, is the top color of the year. This stunning earthy pink quickly refreshes a room, leaving a tranquil and uplighting atmosphere in its wake. 

Relaxing Neutrals

In addition to softness, 2024 home design trends are showing an uptick in relaxing neutrals. These muted terracotta colors will leave room for personality while still persuading homeowners to slow down in their busy lives and relax. Look for toned-down whites, beautiful taupes, and earthy grays next season!

Deep Hues & Conversation

An exciting trend is just around the corner for homeowners and is just perfect for the holiday season! Our homes are personal havens but also gathering spaces. While in the past it may have been challenging to balance the two atmospheres in a home, 2024 color theory has the answer! Social nooks carved out in deep charcoal and rich burgundy. Dark shades of vibrant colors are essential for inspiration and conversation.

Playful Complements

2024 homes are placing an emphasis on relaxation and inspiration, but most importantly, playfulness. Interior design is all about balance, and playfulness and personality have an important role in this harmony. A sense of self in a home is vital to comfort. Once you’ve embraced the other top recommended colors of 2024, ensure that you find their playful complements that will bring the entire space together. Whether that’s a delicate blue, a splash of yellow, or a bolder red – this final touch to your home will bring harmony and symmetry to the space.

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Photo courtesy of HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams

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