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Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips To Help Increase Your Summer Curb Appeal - HomeGate Realty - Northern Nevada Real Estate - Reno Real Estate

Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips To Help Increase Your Summer Curb Appeal

Investing in impeccable landscaping is one of the best ways to create a lasting impression on your property’s curb appeal. However, this is often a massive undertaking, one that requires a lot of time and maintenance.  So, how can you infuse your landscaping with new life while not taking on hours and hours of upkeep? Luckily, there are plenty of stylish landscaping solutions that will...

How To Plan For The Ultimate Summer Get-Together - HomeGate Realty - Alan Hoffman - Reno Sparks Real Estate - Northern Nevada - Real Estate

How To Plan For The Ultimate Summer Get-Together

Long sunny days and cool summer nights practically beg for outdoor festivities. Whether you’re celebrating our favorite summer holidays or enjoying the cool weather with family, friends, and neighbors, there’s no denying that this is the perfect season for backyard parties! Take your alfresco get-togethers to new heights with these tips, tricks, and party ideas. Spice Up The Space Level up any...

The Top 3 Home Design Trends In May 2023 - HomeGate Realty - Northern Nevada - Reno Real Estate - Nevada Real Estate - HomeGate - Alan Hoffman

The Top 3 Home Design Trends In May

Home trends are everywhere and ever-changing throughout the years and even months! In 2023, designers, homeowners, and interior design enthusiasts have been drawn to sustainability, comfortability, and inspiring spaces. In May, three new home trends are reaching homeowners’ doorsteps, ready to take over the interior design world. Let’s take a look at these long-lasting and fashionable...

Celebrate Mothers Day With These Mom Favorite Interior Design Tips HomeGate Realty Alan Hoffman Northern Nevada Reno Sparks Real Estate

Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Mom-Favorite Interior Design Tips

How many everyday skills can you trace back to your mother? From fan-favorite recipes to unique decorating tricks, mothers have a knack for pretty much everything. So why wouldn’t we want to hear from mothers about the ultimate interior design tips, tricks, and inspiration? Here are some tips that are mom-approved! Minimalism Is Everything Somehow, amidst all of the chaos of raising a family,...

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Biophilic Design: A Human Connection to Nature

In 2022, Pinterest recognized "biophilic design" as a trending search term among users. Phrases like "biophilic architecture" and "biophilic design bedroom" rose 150% and 100%, respectively. What does all this mean? While biophilic design may sound new, it isn't. In fact, it originated in the 1980s through the work of biologist Edward O. Wilson, and it centered on the human need to connect with...

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