Kitchen Design Ideas That Combine Form And Function

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A kitchen is often known as the spotlight in a home, one of the first things that visitors see and the most common spaces that homeowners use. That’s why it is so critical for the kitchen space to be beautifully designed in a way that is also functional. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your Nevada kitchen while keeping functionality in mind!

Less Is More

A common concept, but in practice, this ideal can be a tough one to enforce. While it can be difficult to keep clutter away from the kitchen space, a decluttered kitchen is the first step to a functionally designed space. The same goes for decor. Choose a few statement pieces that bring color to the kitchen while still providing a use. Think – beautiful multi-tiered fruit baskets, natural materials, and open spice cabinets.

Smart Storage

It often seems like there’s simply never enough space in the kitchen, so it makes sense that smart storage is on the mind of homeowners, interior designers, and new-home builders. While clutter is a home design faux pas, making use of the space is an absolute must. Use your countertops to show off olive oils, flours, sugars, and more baking supplies – but remember to use sleek containers that fit with the design!

Show It Off

Don’t hide away those stunning china dishes, the unique teapot, or even that decadent sourdough loaf you made last night – show it off. Utilize the kitchen space by investing in a cake stand, displaying china on the kitchen table, and using the stovetop as more than just a cooking space. 

The design is in the details! Investing in quality pieces that you’re proud to display and that serve a functional purpose in the kitchen will save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.  Contact HomeGate Realty to learn more about home design tips, the home-buying process, and how to find your dream property in Northern Nevada!

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