How To Grow A Cut Flower Garden In Your Own Backyard

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There’s something so captivating about freshly cut flowers poking out around the house, but having to rush to the store every time you notice their light is dwindling can be a hassle. Our favorite solution? A cut flower garden. 

Many homeowners shy away from gardens in general, assuming it will be too much work to maintain. But did you know that a cut flower garden is not far out of reach? All you need is an empty plot and your favorite seed packets! Plus, imagine the beauty of having an eclectic collection of flowers in your very own backyard!

Let’s jump into how to create your cut flower garden today!

Choose The Layout

The first step to creating your own backyard floral paradise is design, design, design. Walk the property to understand the space available and get glimpses of your desired layout. As you plan the layout and design of your fresh-cut garden, make sure to consider the following:

  • The shape of your flower bed
  • Any garden paths
  • A nearby water supply
  • A compost heap
  • Outdoor amenities
  • Sunlight vs. shady areas

Picking Flowers

Finally comes the fun part – selecting the flowers! Before rushing over to the garden section of your favorite home goods store, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind when choosing your plants. Hardy annuals will be the best choice for long-lasting, colorful displays. Remember that many flowers are seasonal and will finish flowering come the end of spring. However, there are still many plants that offer year-round growth, such as spring bulbs, wallflowers, chrysanthemums, and cosmos.

Don’t forget about your greenery. Foliage can help your beautiful selection of flowering plants stand out in your garden and even offer a unique design arrangement. Consider Euphorbia oblongata and opium poppies as filler plants!

A fresh-cut flower garden is the perfect addition to your backyard ambiance and offers an endless supply of stunning flowers to brighten your home! For more homeowner tips and tricks, contact HomeGate Realty.

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