Outdated Bedroom Designs And How To Fix Them

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The bedroom is a sanctuary, a place of relaxation and comfort – that’s why we suggest giving this space a little TLC! Continue reading to discover a few outdated bedroom designs that could use a refresh this year.


While this design trend has been dwindling in all aspects of the home, the lack of minimalism is especially prominent in the bedroom. To start, the well-kept, all-white bedrooms are a thing of the past. Homeowners have grown bored with monochromatic themes and are looking for new ways to spruce up their bedroom designs.

Instead: Bold Patterns And Textures

What better way to add personality after years of minimalist design than starting at the polar end of the spectrum? Bold arrangements, bright colors, and interesting patterns are found in practically every trending home design now. Layering throw blankets, using stunning decorative pillows that complement but have their own unique design, and even textured wallpaper are all exciting trends to try in your home this year!

Matching Furniture

For many years, consistency and uniformity have been widespread themes across home design, with homeowners seeking out furniture pieces and arrangements that complement each other. But now, good interior design has ruled out matching sets of bedroom furniture and instead implored homeowners to include imperfections in their designs! 

Instead: Asymmetry

Less uniformity is key in any bedroom design. Asymmetry and intentional imperfections are becoming increasingly popular. Consider subverting the usual function of furniture by imposing an exciting new use! Homeowners should also look at vintage pieces and unique art to include in their bedrooms. 

Pristine Modern

Previously, bright white designs have taken over the trendy bedroom, with homeowners embracing a textbook modern look for their homes.

Instead: Art By Region

Now, homeowners are sprucing up their homes with regional design, adding in personality that is unique to their state, city, and personal tastes. Property owners by the water are sprouting a coastal design, while homes in historic cities showcase their favorite antique pieces.

While these trending bedroom designs will be just the thing to put your home in the top tier of interior design, remember to incorporate your own personal tastes! If you have any questions about home design or are in the market for your dream home, contact HomeGate Realty!

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