Simple Home Features That Will Increase Your Curb Appeal

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First impressions are essential when it comes to the property value and buyer appeal of your home. And while a few potted plants may look pretty, curb appeal often goes deeper than face value. The essence of curb appeal lies in a few thoughtful and intentional details that ultimately increase the attractiveness of your property. Consider elements in and outside the home that are welcoming to visitors and emulate warmth and comfort. 

Color, Color, Color

The right pop of color can immediately draw in buyers and add some personality to the property. While it is essential during showings to allow buyers to imagine themselves living in the home, some personality goes a long way. Consider touching up your front door with a splash of color or even a bold black or navy if you aren’t big on color.

A Spruced-Up Yard

Whether you have a wraparound patio, a huge outdoor deck, or even some beautiful aged oak trees blanketing the lawn, yard care is the most prominent initial selling feature buyers look at. To breathe new life into your outdoor spaces, consider a fresh coat of paint, sanding wood so it looks brand new, and stunning outdoor furniture sets.

Lean Into The Season

Buyers want to see that a home is adequately maintained, and funnily enough, adding some seasonal decor to the property can be just the thing! Showing that you care enough about the house to decorate with the seasons is enticing to buyers and is surprisingly inexpensive if you play your cards right. A simple wreath, some modern lights, and a bold festive ribbon can be just enough to invite a passerby into your home!

Keep these property features in mind as you consider selling your home, and your curb appeal will skyrocket! If you have any questions about how to get the best price for your home, contact HomeGate Realty today.

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