4 Key Tips To Remove Unnecessary Clutter From Your Home

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Unwanted and constant clutter is a homeowner’s worst nightmare, especially when trying to prep for listing their home on the market and stage it for viewings. So whether you are trying to impress potential buyers or simply want to get ahead of your spring cleaning, let’s dive into these tips and tricks for keeping your home clear of clutter!

Ditch Unnecessary Food Boxes

Are you tired of the same old cardboard cereal and pasta boxes that seem to stand out in your pantry and on your countertops? Try trading these out for glass jars and airtight storage containers. Not only will your groceries look amazing in your home, but they’ll last longer too!

Time To Say Goodbye To The Shoes

Do you have a closet full of shoes with broken heels and worn-out soles that you swear you’re going to repair? Unless you’re heading out to the store today for supplies, clear out that closet by donating and throwing out your old shoes. Not only are you rid of clutter, but now you have an empty space to clean up your home even more!

Donate Clothes That Live In The Closet

​​In the same vein as your unwanted shoes, take that “donate” box to the bedroom closets and dressers. Set aside anything you haven’t worn in a year, unless it’s formal wear or a meaningful outfit. Hint: try switching your hangers around and switching them back for each piece you use. At the end of the month or the year, you can easily see which outfits need to go!

Display Your Favorite Arts & Crafts

Tell us the truth: is there a bin of your child’s filled coloring books in the hallway closet? Why not take out those beautiful memories and display them instead? Make a day of it with your family by each selecting your favorite pieces and displaying them together, then teach your kids the importance of recycling with the rest of the pieces!

Don’t let clutter get in the way of your family or your home sale. Follow these tips to declutter your home, and let HomeGate Realty help with the rest!

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