The Top Home Color Trends Of 2023

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Get ready to shake things up because home designers are expecting a transition from the soft, soothing hues of previous years to bolder, brighter, and better palettes in the new year. Replacing the cool neutrals are strong, statement shades that will cultivate vivid spaces, bold environments, and deeply rich homes. Let’s dive in!

Daring Reds And Oranges

Leaning into the unexpected, designers of 2023 are noticing a trend of boldly saturated reds and oranges in the home. Homeowners want to express themselves, and what better way to add a pop of personality than through color? After years of more neutral designs, it’s time to highlight the bold and daring sunset colors. From entire room renovations to a statement accent wall, these colors are sure to be the perfect way to express yourself and energize the space.

Adventurous Magenta

Not red, not purple, a color of its very own – magenta has a vibrant energy to bring to any space. Designers are already scrambling to implement this magnificent color into their projects. More joyful than most of the red family but still dipping its toes in the earthy tones, magenta thrives in both worlds. Embrace adventure with this color of the year!

Inspiring Greens

While a pale green overtook the home design world as the “new neutral” last year, an exciting twist to the green family is sprouting up in 2023. Shying away from the softer shades, interior designers are pinpointing a more citrus green as the color to play with in the home. On the edge of playful sophistication, this color will inspire creativity and poise.

Dramatic Violet

Rising amongst the shadows is an elegant alternative to generic black, a deep violet. While black is still an important element of design, embracing an unexpected variation can elevate your home, bringing texture and depth to the space.

Are you ready to embrace this new world of home design colors? Find even more home design tips at HomeGate Realty, or contact us for help finding the perfect canvas!

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